Established in 1986, D S Simon Media helps clients get their stories on television through satellite media tours and by producing and distributing video content to the media. We also produce live social media events for broadcast.  We have won over 100 industry awards for our clients helping achieve their communications goals. Our clients include top brands in healthcare, travel, consumer goods, entertainment, technology, retail, cryptocurrency and non-profits.


Both our media tours and social broadcasts are produced from our New York studio or from client’s preferred location. Our media tours include 25+ bookings and guaranteed audience reach. Our live social video service features multiple broadcast quality social video streams to more than 25 channels expanding the reach of your live social broadcast.


D S Simon media prides itself on attracting and retaining top talent from diverse backgrounds. Our current team has an average tenure of nine years with extensive experience in broadcast television, video production, media relations, strategy and digital media.

Our Clients

Industry Pioneers

  • Winners of more than 100 Awards
  • Among the earliest developers of satellite and co-op satellite media tours
  • Produced the first live Super Bowl commercial and then the first live Super Bowl HD spot
  • Invited to provide expert testimony at US Senate hearings on government use of Video News Releases
  • The first in the industry to start a video blog which became a platform to develop new digital services
  • The first to develop Internet Media Tours
  • Creators of the SPOKEies® the first awards program to honor PR spokespeople
  • Members of the Forbes Agency Council

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Phone: 212.736.2727