When you don’t have your own spokesperson or budget for a stand-alone campaign, Co-op Satellite Media Tours offer you a cost-effective way to get 25-30 bookings on television, radio and digital outlets when your organization’s product or service is seamlessly integrated into a newsworthy segment with other similar yet non-competing products, offering viewers valuable consumer tips by a credible third-party spokesperson. Topic areas for our tours include: health and wellness, travel, food and entertaining, gift-giving, back to school, home improvement, tech, lifetsyle and fashion and beauty. Please contact us for our most recent Co-Op tour calendar.

Featured Campaign

Ereka Vetrini – Parenting, Lifestyle Entertaining
Mike Bako –Technology, Family & Lifestyle Trends
Terra Wellington – Wellness & Green Living
Kim Orlando – Family Travel
Scott Steinberg – Technology, Parenting, Travel
Many others including experts in beauty, home improvement, relationships, fitness, and more

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