Capitol Communicator Covers D S Simon Media’s Client Survey

The article highlights the results from our latest survey and commentary from our CEO, Doug Simon. “Local TV news has become counter programming to election noise,” says Simon. “We are hearing that these stations are focusing on news viewers can use. Producers recognize if viewers want politics, they can tune in to the cable network aligned with their views.”

D S Simon Media’s Survey about the PR Election Year Disconnect is Featured in the Bulldog Reporter

The article covers the results from our latest survey and why organizations should focus their efforts on local TV news coverage this election year.

D S Simon Media was featured in O’Dwyer’s Newsletter

D S Simon Media’s newest survey was highlighted in the “news from firms” section.

Doug Simon talks about the impact of paid PR and more on the ImPRessions podcast

Our CEO, Doug Simon, was a featured guest on episode 11 of imPRessions by co-hosts Jennifer Lewis and Kalli Vetrano. They revealed the differences between earned and paid media, as well as when to pursue either choice in media and marketing campaigns. Listen to the episode here.

Should Brands Trust Social Media, National News, or Local TV News?

A nationwide survey by D S Simon Media found that social media and national news were far less trusted than local TV news. “Brands are spending hundreds of billions of dollars on advertising, marketing, and public relations each year. Given the high value placed on establishing trust, these findings are important to consider,” says Doug Simon, CEO at D S Simon Media. Read the full story on Bulldog Reporter.

Brands Turn to TV Satellite Tours to get their Spokespeople Interviewed

“The desire to feature your own spokespeople in TV interviews is the single biggest factor driving satellite media tour growth,” says Douglas Simon, CEO at D S Simon Media

After a record year of satellite media tour growth in 2021, 97% of communicators surveyed planned to maintain their use of SMTs at a high level or increase it in 2022. 80% of these brand communicators plan to feature their own spokespeople rather than turn to third party influencers according to the TV Interview Trends 2022 survey conducted by D S Simon Media. Read Bulldog Reporter’s article here.

Coffee Break with Doug Simon, CEO, D S Simon Media

PRWeek’s Editorial Director, Steve Barrett, spoke with our CEO, Doug Simon, about the dramatic growth in popularity of satellite media tours. They dug into why SMTs have become the hot “not new” thing. Doug shared data from a survey of 93 communicators revealing how the growing need for brands to get their own spokespeople interviewed on television is driving the SMT boom. Doug and Steve discussed how new technologies are lowering costs and making it possible for more stations to book interviews that staff shortages would have prevented them from covering in the past. You can watch the conversation here (subscription required).

PR Masters Series Podcast, Episode #52 – Doug Simon, CEO, D S Simon Media

D S Simon Media CEO, Doug Simon, was featured on the PR Masters Series podcast from The Stevens Group, sharing insights and lessons from his journey on becoming a pioneer in the satellite media tour industry and how the the TV space has changed in the last 35 years and since the pandemic. Listen here.

Pitching TV Coverage Via Satellite with Doug Simon

Our CEO, Doug Simon, joined Amy Rosenberg of Veracity Marketing on the PR Talk Podcast. During their conversation, Amy and Doug discuss the mechanics of satellite media tours and how they’ve become even more effective as the pandemic has limited in-person interviews. Doug also shares a few tips for PR professionals interested in offering their own video press release services. Listen to the full episode here.

Zoom TV News Interviews Aren’t Going Away

Even as COVID restrictions are lifted across the country, many TV news channels plan to continue to use the methods they developed throughout the pandemic in future broadcast interviews. According to a report from D S Simon Media on the future of local TV news interviews, 85% of local producers are planning to stick with Zoom. Download the full report here. Read the full story on PRWeek.

D S Simon Media and News Direct Announce a Joint Marketing Initiative

We are pleased to be partnering with News Direct to provide them with a complete multi-media solution with broadcast reach. D S Simon Media has been integrating Digital Asset Direct from News Direct into its core satellite media tour services since News Direct launched. “We’ve found News Direct brings a modern understanding of media and how it is rapidly changing to its offerings,” says CEO, Douglas Simon. “This partnership will bring increased efficiency to organizations looking to reach the media.” If you’d like to learn more about News Direct’s services, please fill out the form here and their representative will contact you. Read the full story here.

D S Simon Media Opens New Broadcast Center in New York City

D S Simon Media, a Satellite Media Tour and Virtual Event Production company serving the PR industry, opened a new Broadcast Center in New York City, shown above.  The move, states the company, doubles its capacity to produce SMTs and features a state-of-the-art control system designed for the production of virtual and hybrid events—the fastest-growing service offering of the company. The company reports revenue through May 2021 grew 72% over 2020 and 78% over 2019 during a similar time period. The firm’s revenue increased 15% in both the previous years.” Read the full story on Capitol Communicator.

‘PR’s Top Pros Talk’ Hits 50

“Over the course of 50 episodes, “PR’s Top Pros Talk,” the video interview series moderated by D S Simon Media CEO Doug Simon, has presented viewers with a wealth of information, opinions and advice on how to handle the ups and down of today’s rapidly changing marketplace.” Read the full story on O’Dwyer’s.

Local TV Producers Speak out on Election and Holiday Coverage

“With a crazy election period and uber-unique holiday retail season ahead, among other crisis-level activity in society right now, a new survey from broadcast PR specialist firm D S Simon Media of local TV news producers examines how much time they are spending on political coverage, when they are covering the holidays and if they are open to interviewing brand or nonprofit spokespeople for stories.” Read the full story on Agility PR.

PR tips for scoring broadcast coverage during the COVID crisis

“As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on global business, PR pros are hungry for timely best practices about getting their clients covered in the media. A new research project from broadcast PR firm D S Simon Media offers important insights that help PR keep track of what the broadcast media is open to covering.” Read the full article, including Q&A with D S Simon Media CEO, Doug Simon, on Bulldog Reporter.

How to Make Your Video and Social Video Events More Engaging

“Many communicators are seeking ways to move face-to-face events to safer spaces, such as video, in the midst of the pandemic.” Read the full interview with D S SImon Media CEO, Doug Simon, on PR News.

Amid Nonstop Political Coverage in 2020, Here’s How Brands can Still get Media Attention

Report by D S Simon Media reveals how brands can still get media attention in 2020 amid nonstop political coverage. Read the full story on Agility PR. Download our free report here.

Brand-Produced Video Gets Good Press

“Brand-produced video has become a key component in garnering positive media coverage, according to a new study from D S Simon Media.” Read the full story on O’Dwyer’s PR News. Download our free report here,

Local TV News Isn’t Obsessed with Politics—So Brands Should Go Local for PR TV Opps

“You can’t turn on a national news program or cable news channel these days without being bombarded with political news and opinion—and breaking through all that political noise to get your brand or spokesperson featured in a positive TV news story seems near impossible. But is it? Not according to a nationwide survey of local TV news stations, conducted by “D S Simon Media.” Read the full story on Agility PR.

Advice for agencies on better use of video for clients (featuring Doug Simon)

Do brands increasingly prefer to manage their projects in-house? Our CEO, Doug Simon, discusses the shifting relationship between agencies, clients, and third party service providers with Chip Griffin. Listen to the full podcast on Agency Leadership.