The Coronoavirus Pandemic has heightened the need to communicate with key audiences who are increasingly turning to television for news and information. We have seen a 60% increase in earned media bookings. Out of 62 local stations we surveyed, 92% of producers are open to interviewing brand spokespeople for a segment on their television shows. Additionally, by a nearly 2 to 1 margin, producers prefer to interview a brand spokesperson than a third party expert.

While stations want your story and the need to communicate is more important than ever, safety remains paramount. We are now able to conduct a full broadcast satellite media tour featuring a spokesperson from their home via Skype or Zoom. Their signal is captured in our control room and transmitted to the stations that have been booked into the tour. The spokesperson is able to hear the station’s anchor ask questions over their Skype or Zoom connection.

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“During the pandemic, we’ve seen a significant increase in local TV news producers’ willingness to interview spokespeople who work directly for a brand or non-profit. What this report tells us is stations have adapted to the increased access new technologies have given them to provide information for their viewers and it will continue. It’s a huge opportunity for brands to get their message out.”


–  Doug Simon, CEO & Founder, D S Simon Media