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Stephanie Humphrey

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Technology and Lifestyle Expert Stephanie Humphrey is a former engineer who merges her passion for lifestyle media with in-depth tech expertise to show everyday people how empowering, enriching and fun technology can be. Stephanie is currently a technology contributor for ABC News where she works as part of the nationally-syndicated Strahan Sara & Keke team. Her expertise is built upon more than a decade as a Senior Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin.

Steve Greenberg

Technology Co-Op

Steve Greenberg is the author of “Gadget Nation” and a frequent contributor on NBC’s Today Show. In addition to being the Innovation Insider, Steve was a Health reporter on TV for years. He has a strong health education background and a Masters in Public Health.

Potential topics:

Tools to Help You from Home. With many distractions around, being productive at home might be challenging. Simple tools that can help you turn your space into an office.

Home Entertainment / Must Have Quarantine Tech. Digital tools that can keep you occupied and entertained while being stuck at home. Products and services could include streaming services, fitness apps, games, online skill courses.

It’s imperative for brands to be communicating but the logistics of having your own spokesperson prepared and ready-to-go can be overwhelming. The media wants your content—our survey found 87% of stations are open to brand content and they want it now.

The solution is featuring our top talent, live from their homes, being interviewed by broadcasters nationwide. We guarantee 25 segments and an audience reach of 40 million.

These segments deliver news and valuable information to audiences seamlessly fitting your product or service into the narrative. Because station demand is so high for this content, we aren’t scheduling the co-op tours on a specific date. Instead, once we have three clients signed on, we’ll conduct the SMT within one week.

We are offering a reduced rate of $10,500 due to COVID-19 challenges (regular price is $11,500)

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