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Emily L. Foley

Emily L. Foley is an experienced multimedia journalist known for her work in both print and broadcast media. An expert on beauty, fashion and entertainment trends, Foley’s work is regularly published in magazines such as Allure, Marie Claire, Instyle.com and Glamour.com and is seen on lifestyle shows across the country. Foley’s passion for the topics, attention to detail and ability to concisely convey her knowledge has been lauded by consumers and b brands alike, while her high energy and conversational nature make her at once likeable and trustworthy.

12/01 – Winter Beauty Tips

Mia Syn

Mia Syn

Mia Syn, MS, RDN is a nationally recognized nutrition expert and founder of Nutrition By Mia, a popular online wellness destination frequented by millions of readers around the globe. She holds a master of science in human nutrition from Columbia University and has been featured by dozens of major media outlets including Women’s Health Magazine, Cosmopolitan and SHAPE. As one of the most recognized and trusted young nutritionists in the country, she has helped hundreds of her clients and millions of her readers lose weight, improve their health and develop better sustainable eating habits for life.

03/24 – Spring Wellness

06/21 – Summer Wellness