2019’s Paladin Award Honoree – Torod Neptune

 Torod Neptune, CCO, Lenovo and 2019 Paladin Award Honoree spoke with Douglas Simon, CEO, D S Simon Media at the Paladin Awards. Key points included steps being taken to improve D&I at their organization, among partners and how individual employees can make a difference. Later that evening, Torod accepted the Paladin Award. Speaking to those in attendance, he explained that he owes the honor to all those in his life who have supported him.…

Multi Social Channel Broadcasts

 The short clip reel features excerpts from live social video broadcast events for Land O’Lakes, LEGOLAND, a Dairy Industry Trade Group and the American Physical Therapy Association. They were all broadcast on multiple social channels through our proprietary Social Media Live® service. This is a versatile way to leverage the power of influencers and their social channels with live video events.   Land O’ Lakes: LEGOLAND: Dairy Max: American Physical Therapy Association:

How Harley-Davidson Celebrates An Anniversary

 Harley-Davidson is one of the world’s most recognizable motorcycle brands. As Chief Marketing Officer, Heather Malenshek played a key role during their 115th Anniversary Celebrations in 2018. During her interview with Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media, Heather reviewed top takeaways from the anniversary experience and explained some of the decisions Harley-Davidson made. Click Here For More About Harley-Davidson’s 115th Anniversary Follow Heather Malenshek:  

Finding Your Organization’s Purpose

 Anne Keenan of Purpose is an advocate for companies and brands having a clearly defined purpose that goes beyond profit. Her interview with Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media, took place at the Anniversary Forum. There, she discussed how a brand anniversary is the perfect opportunity for an organization to “lean into their purpose” and display their values to an audience. Click Here For More About Purpose Follow Anne Keenan:  

A Unique Way To Celebrate – Projection Mapping

 PaintScaping is a 3D Projection Mapping company which has helped countless brands celebrate their anniversary in a unique and engaging way. In his interview with D S Simon Media Account Director Elizabeth Rosenberger, President of PaintScaping Philippe Bergeron reviewed what projection mapping is and how his company pulls off their exciting display of lights. Click Here For More About PaintScaping Follow Philippe Bergeron: