Inside Authentic Marketing With Racepoint Global CEO and Author Larry Weber

You may know Larry Weber as a successful entrepreneur, thought leader, and author, who founded several global marketing companies and is currently CEO at Racepoint Global. He joined us at the D S Simon Media office in New York to discuss key takeaways from his sixth and most recent book, Authentic Marketing. Authentic Marketing provides a new strategic framework that takes business, marketing and technology strategies out of their dated and effective silos and tightly integrates them around the central concept of corporate purpose. He was interviewed by Mike Bako, Director of Media and Content Strategy at D S Simon Media. During the interview, Larry discusses the importance of taking time to cultivate an authentic brand and the value of tying each piece of marketing to your company’s “story”.

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It’s Not Fake News, It’s Local TV News

A recent Pew Research piece found that 41% of Americans say their preferred method of getting local news is from TV, outpacing the 15% who selected social media and 23% who selected websites or apps.

What does this mean? For starters: even if online news is convenient, it’s getting harder and harder for the public to trust it. The authenticity and familiarity of local news reporters has more viewers impressed. 81% of respondents believe the local news does fairly well or better at keeping them informed on the most important stories. So, whether you’re looking to share a news story with local markets or get your executive on TV, remember that Americans are listening closest to the local news stations.