Andrew McCaskill’s Profile in Leadership Featured in Diverse Voices

Diverse Voices: Profiles in Leadership is a new book that is designed to help communications leaders and professionals better understand the challenges faced by minorities in the field. Among the 40 people profiled are Andrew McCaskill, SVP, Global Communications & Multicultural Marketing, Nielsen. McCaskill shares his story of his start at Coca Cola and offers tips on how people who bring diversity to organizations can thrive and overcome obstacles that might be holding them back.

“Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride” New Book from Major Garrett

Major Garrett, Chief White House Correspondent CBS News and author of “Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride: The Thrills, Chills, Screams, and Occasional Blackouts of an Extraordinary Presidency spoke to Doug Simon about his new book and implications for communicators at the Truth on Trial event. He spoke about how the larger than life brand of President Trump is impacting the media and communicators representing brands navigating the current environment.

Implications for Communicators of the Political Climate

Richard Levick, Chairman & CEO, LEVICK, briefly chats with Doug Simon, CEO, D S Simon Media about the current communications climate and how it is deeply affected by current politics at Truth on Trial: Implications for Communicators. Richard discusses how next week’s midterm elections will have a significant effect on the USA and how this impacts how the public perceive brands.