Beto’s PR Savvy Presidential Campaign Launch

On Thursday, Beto O’Rourke passed Kamala Harris for the best campaign launch of a Democrat. Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media, noted he has three things in common with the last two Democrats to win the presidency. He represents generational change, he’s from neither coast, and he has a message of hope.

The key test will be if his numbers in Iowa grow after his visit. We’ll see what Biden does with his launch. Will he match Beto’s effectiveness? Here are some of his smart PR moves:


He first shared that he was running with local El Paso media, maintaining relationships
Had it coincide with a Vanity Fair profile/cover story that he knew would be friendly
Heading to Iowa immediately for a three day tour
Timed his launch to coincide with Trump being repudiated by Republicans in Congress over the emergency declaration
Shared a message of hope in his social video


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