Obama’s Rutgers Grad Speech – Advice From The Campaign Leader

Matt Weismantel, the leader of Rutgers’ 250th Anniversary which featured a graduation speech from then-President Barack Obama, shared his thoughts on anniversary campaigns with Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media. Matt is explains the value of structuring your internal team to maximize effectiveness–Rutgers’ had a core group with specialized teams branching off. He also touches upon the decision to make video a key element of the strategy and why that made such a big difference.

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Planning and Executing An Anniversary Campaign

Kevin Bishop is now an Anniversary University® Milestone Master after leading IBM’s Centennial. The multi-layered campaign was an immense success, and in his interview with Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media, Kevin shares his top tips to plan your anniversary. He lays out a roadmap for when and how to strategize, when to focus on content, and how to expertly execute.

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Brand Anniversaries – Where To Start?

As Global Brand Director, Karen Kozak helped Cargill plan and celebrate its 150th Anniversary. The company used the anniversary as an opportunity to emphasize storytelling and engage audiences with their brand’s identity and impact.

One key to success is knowing where to begin with your anniversary campaign. Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media, interviewed Karen and asked what it takes to get a campaign off to a strong start.

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