PR’s Top Pros Talk… Chrissy Faessen – Educating Reporters Through Messaging and Events

Chrissy Faessen, Principal at ConwayStrategic, shares the methods she uses with clients to develop strategic and authentic messaging. Chrissy also explains how she connects with reporters through email and social media and discusses developing visibility opportunities during tight news cycles for her healthcare clients.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Marie de Foucaud – Developing an International Program

Marie de Foucaud, Founder and CEO of Elovation Consulting, describes how the Saudi Fashion Commission is making a huge impact on local communities. Marie highlights her experience connecting with upcoming talent and political leaders for the Saudi 100 Brands project. Marie also shares what communicators need to know before working with international brands.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Krysten Copeland – Developing Effective Messaging Strategies

Krysten Copeland, Founder of KC & Co Communications, discusses the importance of having open and inclusive conversations when planning the messaging for a campaign. She also discusses valuable tools such as polling through social media to ensure a client’s target audience is being reached. Krysten also shares her advice for getting stories on local and national TV news.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Amina Colter Jones – Working Together to Drive Impact on Racial Justice

Amina Colter Jones, Senior Vice President, on Edelman’s Health and Multicultural teams, explains how safe spaces can lessen the divide between executives and associates when it comes to racial justice progress. Amina shares the impact of affirmative action and explains why communicators should research the policies. Amina also shares her advice on how companies can be more inclusive in their hiring process.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Natalie Boden – How to Create an Effective Campaign for National Hispanic Heritage Month

Natalie Boden, Founder and CEO of BODEN Agency, shares her insights on how brands can engage with the Hispanic cohort authentically during Hispanic Heritage Month (and beyond) and why understanding local and cultural nuances matter when reaching this fast growing community. She also discusses her new children’s book, “Sasha’s Big Question,” which she wrote in response to the question “Mom, why do you work?” which many moms (more than dads) are faced with during their motherhood and career journeys. To purchase the book visit: