PR’s Top Pros Talk Commentary: Doug Simon

Tel: 212.736.2727 PR’s Top Pros Talk Commentary by Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media  Navigating Election Noise An election year can bring uncertainty, and that uncertainty might not be good for business or for clarity about your public relations plan. But if you are looking at earning media on broadcast or cable TV, these tips and this information might give you a little bit more comfort and a little bit more…

PR’s Top Pros Talk – Embracing Authenticity and Collaboration in the Public Relations Industry

 Ben Finzel, President of RENEWPR and Founding Principal of The Change Agencies, shares some common misconceptions about the role of public relations. Ben shares the story of how The Change Agencies started and its impact on clients. Ben also explains the challenges the communications industry still has to work on, including diversity, equity and inclusion in recruitment, retention and promotion.