Using AI To Predict & Deliver On Consumer Demand for the Big Game

1.3 billion wings, 12 million slices of pizza, 14 billion hamburgers, and 51.7 million cases of beer— how do the right products get delivered to the right places, in the right amounts, in time for all the Big Game parties? AI-powered supply chain technology is playing a leading role says industry leader LLamasoft. LLamasoft works with many of the country’s largest food and beverage manufacturers to predict this year’s hottest snacks and tackle the logistical challenges of making sure the right amount of snacks are in stores before game day.

LLamasoft’s CEO, Razat Gaurav, conducted more than 25 television and radio interviews across the country to discuss how companies are using AI to sense or predict consumer demand for their most beloved snacks and beverages during one of the biggest food consumption days of the year.

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Making of Nextdoor’s Halloween Media Campaign

Nextdoor, a free private social network for neighborhood community, partnered with D S Simon Media helped Nextdoor promote their annual Halloween Treat Map. Meaghan B. Murphy, Lifestyle Expert, talked about their Halloween Treat Map, introduced its new features, and shared some tips on how to use the Nextdoor app. She conducted 30 radio and television interviews during a Satellite Media Tour in the D S Simon Media studio. According to Nextdoor, right after the media campaign, the Treat Map participation was greater than last year’s.



Support Wildfire Victims by Drinking Beer

Brewing company Sierra Nevada released “Resilience IPA” to raise funds for victims of the California wildfires. More than 14,000 homes were destroyed by the fire, including those of more than 50 Sierra Nevada employees. To spread word of the campaign, company CEO Ken Grossman participated in a nationwide satellite media tour, completing 27 interviews reaching millions of viewers. Every dollar spent on the new IPA will got to the Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund, which benefits Butte County recovery efforts. To find a local brewery with Resilience or to donate, visit Sierra Nevada’s website:
Disclosure: The media tour was produced by D S Simon Media