PR’s Top Pros Talk… How to Plan and Prioritize Communications Initiatives

 Planning and prioritizing communications initiatives is crucial to any business, but how can you do it effectively? Stacey Jones, Chief Communicator at Honeywell, shares her process for assembling the right team. She explains how to gain the trust of the C-suite when developing new strategies. Stacey also shares the importance of connecting communications plans to business objectives.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… How to Improve the PR Structure

 April White, CEO and Founder of Trust Relations, discusses her mission to reinvent the PR industry with strategies to help agency leaders overcome the common challenges that even the best PR agencies have faced for decades. April discusses the shift to remote work, advice to help PR practitioners successfully manage client expectations, tips for better account staffing, insights for junior publicists to advance in their careers, developing more compelling client narratives, and more. She…