PR’s Top Pros Talk… Steve Hirsch – Viewing Communications from a Business Perspective

Steve Hirsch, CEO and Co-Founder of Hirsch Leatherwood, shares his insights on how top-of-the-funnel content can make a big impact on clients, audiences, and stakeholders. He discusses what makes a successful communications leader and what to look for in new hires. Steve also shares the importance of messaging.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Brandi Sims – Unlocking Your Network: Strategies for Building Meaningful and Winning Connections

Brandi Sims, Founder & CEO of Brandinc PR, shares her top tips for creating a winning collaboration between a celebrity and a brand. Inspired by her own internship experience, Brandi discusses how she started a program to help others break into the industry. Brandi also emphasizes the importance of being a mentor as well as a mentee.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Jen Fuhrman-Kestler – The Evolution of the Healthcare Ecosystem

Jen Fuhrman-Kestler, Managing Director of Health Services at Ketchum, discusses how the changing health ecosystem will affect communications. Jen shares the importance of keeping audiences front of mind when collecting and analyzing data. Jen also talks about some of the trends health communicators might see throughout 2024.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Rachel Huff – Building Strong Client-Agency Relationships

Rachel Huff, President and Founder of Victoire & Co, gives valuable advice on how agencies and clients can build trusting relationships. Rachel shares the top reasons clients hire and fire agencies, and how agencies can stand out when pitching a new client. Rachel also explains how agencies can effectively navigate team turnover both agency and client-side.

Rachel Huff, President and Founder of Victoire & Co, sits at the intersection of the best companies and agencies. As an agency search consultant, her passion lies in building brand-agency partnerships that drive long-term success. With a keen understanding of clients’ communications and business needs and a network of trusted agency connections, she specializes in guiding companies toward their best agency fit.

Prior to founding Victoire & Co, Rachel spent more than a decade at agencies, much of that time on the account side developing integrated communications campaigns for brands including John Hancock, Verizon, Ocean Spray, DraftKings, and CVS.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Megan Prock McGrath – Communicating Through Change in the Biotech Space

Megan Prock McGrath, Managing Director of MacDougall Advisors, shares what to keep in mind when communicating with investors and consumers. Megan discusses the importance of setting milestones in advance and following through with them. Megan also talks about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the biotech space.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Ben Finzel – Embracing Authenticity and Collaboration in the Public Relations Industry

Ben Finzel, President of RENEWPR and Founding Principal of The Change Agencies, shares some common misconceptions about the role of public relations. Ben shares the story of how The Change Agencies started and its impact on clients. Ben also explains the challenges the communications industry still has to work on, including diversity, equity and inclusion in recruitment, retention and promotion.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Shannon Moylan – Leading with Your Head and Your Heart

Shannon Moylan, Senior Vice President of Public Relations at imre, explains how the head and the heart concept can be applied to healthcare communications and beyond. Shannon shares valuable advice on how to turn ideas into actions and explains the differences between media outlets. She also discusses the importance of enthusiasm during the pitching process.