PR’s Top Pros Talk… Using Information Management to Understand Communications Objectives – Mark Weiner

How can communicators use research to set communications objectives that are reasonable, meaningful, and measurable? Understand their communications objectives? And, once they’re set, how do communications professionals apply what they learn to meet or beat those objectives? Mark Weiner, Chief Insights Officer at PublicRelay, recommends conducting an Executive Audit to uncover the often-hidden value equation that senior executives apply to evaluate PR value and performance. He also recommends proactive research to inform communications decisions and to demonstrate – and generate – PR value and ROI. Mark also asserts that public relations is a cyclical process rather than linear, and demonstrates this as he walks through the PR continuum which helps communicators identify the best target audience and the media they read, watch and listen to; to reinforce the messages that work best (and remediate underperformers); to evaluate performance for continuous improvement. This and more!

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PR’s Top Pros Talk… Forming a Sustainable PR Strategy – David Barkoe

How can communicators form a sustainable PR strategy? David Barkoe, CEO and Founder of Carve Communications, emphasizes that agencies should focus on long-term campaigns and opportunities, rather than simply relying on the “big” tentpole press opportunities. David also explains his unique process of measuring the value of media placements.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Building Strong Relationships – Michael Kaye

How can communicators build strong relationships? Michael Kaye, Associate Director of Global Communications at OkCupid, discusses the value of introducing yourself with your pronouns and how to empower your most authentic and confident self. Michael also highlights how OkCupid has led the charge for expanded inclusion for LGBTQ+ daters, and how other companies have followed suit. Michael includes advice to viewers on how to utilize all of their platforms to boost and connect with their networks.