PR’s Top Pros Talk… Troy Blackwell – Navigating Public Perception

Troy Blackwell, Director of Press Relations and Spokesperson for the Peace Corps, explains how he navigates public relations and storytelling for the agency. He dives into the importance of having open and inclusive conversations. He also describes the impact behind the ‘Bold Invitation’ campaign and how the message is reaching audiences of all backgrounds.

Troy Blackwell is the Director of Press Relations and on-the-record Spokesperson for the Peace Corps, an independent agency and program of the United States government that trains and deploys volunteers to provide international development assistance. He was appointed to the post by President Biden and the White House. In his role, Blackwell serves as the principal point of contact for news media and the public, both domestically and in over 64 countries. Since joining the Biden-Harris administration, Troy has overseen the media relations for several milestone events including the safe return of Volunteers to over 54 countries, the historic arrival of Peace Corps Volunteers in Viet Nam, the MOU signing between the Peace Corps and the Korea International Cooperation Agency, and the agency’s new global climate initiative that was announced at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City. Additionally, Blackwell is the Treasurer of the Diversity Action Alliance Board of Directors; a member of Google/PRWeek’s Changemakers Council; and the Chairman of the Big Apple Performing Arts (BAPA).

If you or someone you know is interested in the Peace Corps, click this link for more information.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Danny Franklin – Building Trust Through Communication

Danny Franklin, Partner at Bully Pulpit Interactive, discusses the critical role of identity when it comes to political research and communications. Danny shares his insights on how brands can transmit their messages into the consumer experience. Danny also reflects on emerging technology such as AI and the Metaverse.



PR’s Top Pros Talk… Eleanor Hawkins – How Communications Leaders Can Stand Out in the C-Suite

Eleanor Hawkins, Communications Strategist and Writer for Axios, shares valuable insights into how communications leaders can cut through the noise by getting comfortable with data, leaning more into what their audience is saying, and more. Eleanor also discusses the research behind the successful Smart Brevity® method.



PR’s Top Pros Talk… Katie Riley – Cutting Through the Noise as a Consumer Advocate

Katie Riley, Vice President of Communications for The Alliance for Aging Research, gives valuable advice on effective ways to pitch the media. Katie discusses how she navigates challenges as a consumer advocate by humanizing news stories. Katie also shares how her team utilized social media for the “Valve Disease Day Challenge” campaign.



PR’s Top Pros Talk… Christa Conte – PR and the Metaverse 3.0

Christa Conte, EVP and Head of Client Services for Hotwire Global, explains the vital role communicators have in expanding their knowledge about the Metaverse. Christa walks through the first steps brands and agencies can take if they want to discuss Metaverse opportunities with clients. Christa also shares her perspective on the future of the public relations industry.

Download “PR and the Metaverse 3.0” here.



PR’s Top Pros Talk… Gini Dietrich – PR and the Metaverse 3.0

Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich and founder of Spin Sucks, gives her insights on D S Simon Media’s newest survey, “PR and the Metaverse 3.0”. She shares examples of how communicators can utilize Metaverse 3.0 for crisis communications and more. Gini also explains how PR professionals can start having conversations about the Metaverse with their clients.

Download “PR and the Metaverse 3.0” here.



PR’s Top Pros Talk… Kasey Christolos – Navigating PR Challenges

Kasey Christolos, Senior Media Lead at Next PR, shares insightful data from the firm’s 2023 client survey. Kasey talks about how communicators can maximize ROI. She emphasizes the importance of connecting the PR and sales teams in an organization. Kasey also explains the abbreviation, FUD, and shares a client example.