PR’s Top Pros Talk… Sara Whitman – Enhancing the Customer and Employee Experience for Frontline Workers

Sara Whitman, Chief People Officer at Hot Paper Lantern, shares insightful data from The 2023 War for Frontline Talent report. Sara explains how HR and other communications professionals can work together to re-recruit employees. Sara discusses why the C-suite should utilize LinkedIn to highlight employee achievement. Sara also shares her excitement for the future of work.

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PR’s Top Pros Talk… Linda Descano – Understanding the Business of Business

Linda Descano, CFA®, Executive Vice President of Red Havas, explains that understanding the business of business is one of the most important skills communicators can have. She explains how communicators can conduct their own research about their companies by asking themselves key questions and utilizing valuable resources. Linda also predicts future trends for 2023 and beyond.


PR’s Top Pros Talk… Karen Clyne – Why Technology Companies Should Invest In PR

Karen Clyne, Executive Vice President & Technology Sector Lead at BCW (Burson Cohn & Wolfe), explains how technology companies can best utilize PR. Karen also shares her excitement about the Metaverse and its growth opportunities. Karen also highlights the role of education when working with client partners.


PR’s Top Pros Talk… Sharon Robustelli – Thought Leadership and Executive Visibility

Sharon Robustelli, founder and CEO of TEN3 Public Relations, discusses why thought leadership and executive visibility should be a standalone service. Sharon explains why companies should utilize the service to effectively communicate change. Sharon also talks about why companies are shifting away from having one company spokesperson and highlighting multiple members of the C-suite instead.


PR’s Top Pros Talk… Tina McCorkindale – Combatting Disinformation

Tina McCorkindale, President and CEO of the Institute for Public Relations, explains the characteristics of disinformation that communicators should look out for. Tina shares what communicators should do to prepare ahead of disinformation including creating a crisis plan. Tina also shares valuable insights from the 2022 Disinformation in Canada report.


PR’s Top Pros Talk… Paula Davis – Integrating Your Passions into Your Work

Paula Davis, Chief Communications Officer for the Colgate-Palmolive Company, shares how the Colgate-Palmolive Company is creating innovative ways to raise awareness about oral health and its link to mental and overall health through their Know Your OQ Campaign. Paula explains what communicators should keep in mind when they are building partnerships for a campaign. Paula also urges communicators to get involved in organizations that align with their passions.


PR’s Top Pros Talk… Monique Kelley – Leading with Your Values

Monique Kelley, Associate Professor of Strategic Communication and PRSSA Faculty Advisor at Boston University’s College of Communication, CEO and Founder of Monique Kelley Consulting, LLC, and Founding Member of CHIEF in Boston, talks about the “Great Breakup” and its impact on female communicators. Monique emphasizes the importance of self-care and discusses the ways she implements the practice in her daily routine. Monique also shares valuable advice for college students.


PR’s Top Pros Talk… Ben Laws – Thought Leadership in the B2B Market

Ben Laws, Deputy U.S. Lead for the Business Marketing practice at Edelman, shares key insights from the fifth annual Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report. Ben explains why thought leadership is vital for vendors during economic uncertainty. Ben also dives into helpful thought leadership strategies that will help companies stand out, build pipelines and preserve market share in a tight economy.

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PR’s Top Pros Talk… Dan Hunter – How to Become an Effective Communications Executive

Dan Hunter, Senior Managing Director and Head of Financial Services for the Americas, in the Strategic Communications practice at FTI Consulting, shares how the C-suite can best support their CEO by focusing on risk mitigation and building trust with stakeholders. Dan shares valuable insights on how CEOs should prepare for a thought leadership campaign. Dan also talks about his views on the Metaverse.