PR’s Top Pros Talk: Mike Doyle

 How has the context of leadership changed? Mike Doyle, President and CEO at Ketchum, discusses the shift into more genuine and human communications. He offers advice on increasing and maintaining employee engagement. Mike also shares some ways of developing empathy in the workplace. Learn about careers at Ketchum here. Check out how this interview came to be here.

PR’s Top Pros Talk: Jim O’Leary

 How has the role of communications become more important to the C-suite over the course of the pandemic? Jim O’Leary, Edelman’s U.S. Chief Operating Officer and Corporate Affairs Practice Chair, shares key data from the 2021 Future of Corporate Communications study. Jim also discusses insights on how senior communications leaders are helping CEOs navigate social issues, ESG, activism and employee engagement. Download the 2021 Future of Corporate Communications study here.

PR’s Top Pros Talk: Tina Beaty

 Workplaces have forever changed and the role of HR is now more important than ever as a result of the pandemic. Tina Beaty is the Vice President of Marketing, SHRM, an association that creates better workplaces where employers and employees thrive together. She shares her PR and marketing strategies to change the national dialogue on DEI and workplace culture. Cause the effect you want to see at work. Download SHRM’s workplace conversation starter cards…