PR’s Top Pros Talk… 2022 Consumer Insights – Dara Busch

Is in-person shopping making a comeback? Dara Busch, CEO, 5WPR, offers insights from the company’s 2022 Consumer Culture Report. She shares examples of how brands are shifting their strategy to put a bigger emphasis on the in-store experience. Dara also dives into the increased demand from consumers drives for brands with ethical and sustainable products and packaging.

Download 5WPR’s 2022 Consumer Culture Report here.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Employee Action Groups – Tracey Cassidy and Jill Feldman

Why should companies invest in employee action groups? Tracey Cassidy, Partner & General Manager of Allison+Partners, New York and Jill Feldman, Partner & Managing Director of Allison+Partners, discuss their journey of growing a successful Women’s Leadership Program. Tracey and Jill also explain how leaders can advance female representation through visibility and conversation.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… The Evolution of Entertainment Publicity – Alison Grand

How has entertainment publicity changed with the rise of streaming? Alison Grand, President of Grand Communications, shares how streaming has given PR pros the opportunity to land even more media coverage. Alison also reflects on the increased demand for diverse and inclusive children’s entertainment.

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PR’s Top Pros Talk… Connecting a Brand Story to the News Stream – Jeanniey Walden

Why should communicators use earned media to get their message across? Jeanniey Walden, Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer at DailyPay, offers insights into how the brand ties its messages into the news stream to add benefit to the story of the day. Jeanniey also discusses how she differentiates her role between short-term and long-term objectives.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Unicorn CEOs – Brendon Craigie

What lessons can PR professionals learn from Unicorn CEOs about communications? Brendon Craigie, CEO, Tyto, discusses the importance of prioritizing authentic storytelling to have complex topics resonate with massive audiences. Brendon also outlines the unique challenges that Unicorn CEOs face such as mitigating workloads for a fast-growing staff and handling high-pressure situations from a young age.

Interested in learning more about how Unicorn CEOs approach communications and culture? Download Tyto’s guide “Growing Without Borders: The Unicorn CEO guide to communication and culture” here or listen to the Unicorn CEO series of interviews on “Without Borders”, Tyto’s podcast.