PR’s Top Pros Talk… Women Leaders – Karen Clyne

Karen Clyne, Head of Global Communications, BlackBerry, sheds light on BlackBerry’s journey from handhelds to cybersecurity software and rebirthing a post-peak brand. She shares insight on evolving brand perception among key stakeholder groups and audiences to build advocacy. Karen also highlights the company’s initiatives and opportunities for women, including advice for the next generation.


PR’s Top Pros Talk… Women Leaders – Caitlin Hayden

Caitlin Hayden, Senior VP for Communications, BAE Systems, Inc., shares insights on advancing in your career as a woman in a previously male-dominated industry. She discusses the company’s initiatives to make the workplace more inclusive for women and people of color. Caitlin also dives into the organization’s efforts to foster engagement with employees outside of your own bubble.


PR’s Top Pros Talk… Women Leaders – Lindsey Carnett

Lindsey Carnett, CEO & President, Marketing Maven, goes into her team’s research on consumer sentiment across different stages of the pandemic’s progression. She also discusses lessons learned from the agency’s work with organizations involved in advancing women’s careers.

Lindsey offers advice to women who own small businesses, as well as those who aspire to.


PR’s Top Pros Talk… Women Leaders – Lea-Ann Germinder

Lea-Ann Germinder is Founder & President, Germinder + Associates, and Editor & Publisher, She’s also a past-president of the PRSA-NY chapter, a Co-Founder of the Inez Y Kaiser GKC-PRSA Memorial Scholarship Fund, and a recipient of the Makovsky Excellence in Mentoring Award.

She’s a strong believer in not only mentoring, but reverse mentoring especially with these challenging times. In this interview she shares tips on how to become a good mentor, offers advice to women who aspire to leadership positions, and emphasizes the importance of finding and following your passion.

Learn how to look and sound best on video interviews here.


PR’s Top Pros Talk… Women Leaders – Lisa Osborne Ross

Lisa Osborne Ross, COO (CEO as of April 2021), Edelman U.S., and PRWeek’s Agency Professional of the year, discusses the changes to expect in public affairs with the new administration. She offers insight into the agency’s research on the expectation of business as a result of the pandemic and shifting trends in the public’s trust. Lisa also shares advice for women and people of color aspiring for leadership positions.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Women Leaders – Sukhi Sahni

Sukhi Sahni, Head of Corporate Communications for U.S Card and Retail Bank Divisions, Capital One, urges aspiring women leaders to be fearless and find inspiring mentors. She discusses the intentional nature of the organization to increase opportunities for women in leadership roles.
Sukhi also emphasizes the importance having a good understanding and assessment of not only communications practices that work, but also those that don’t, and how to be a resource for stakeholders in an empathetic way.


PR’s Top Pros Talk… Women Leaders – Shelley Spector

Shelley Spector, Founder of Spector Associates and The Museum of Public Relations, highlights extraordinary PR women who changed history. She discusses lessons learned and implications for women in PR spiring for leadership positions today. Shelley also addresses the issues of racial diversity in the industry and the importance of showcasing diverse role models.
Learn more about the amazing history of women in PR by registering for The Museum’s free event here. The event will take place on Thursday, March 11, 2021, at 6pm ET.