PR’s Top Pros Talk…Brand Narrative – Sabrina Macias

Sabrina Macias, VP, Communications, DraftKings, addresses how communicators can reach their audiences in authentic and nuanced ways. She goes in depth on how brands can control the narrative of their portrayal in their respective markets and business environments. She emphasizes the importance of preparation for one’s public relations moves based on other contingent factors such as consumer sentiment, cultural factors, and other stakeholders of the firm.

PR’s Top Pros Talk…Non-Profits – Vanessa Wakeman

Vanessa Wakeman, Founder & CEO, of The Wakeman Agency, a social change firm providing strategic communications support to nonprofits and socially responsible companies, discusses how brands can start integrating social justice into their messaging in an authentic way. She dives into the agency’s Louder than Words initiative, which was developed to help correct pervasive funding inequities in the social change sector, through the first ever directory of BIPOC led nonprofits. The directory will provide pathways for socially responsible companies to identify and partner with nonprofits led by people of color. Vanessa also emphasizes the power of language and the need to evaluate and adjust the use of certain phrases that do not reflect or create a sense of belonging for all.

PR’s Top Pros Talk…Leadership – Cathy Fink

Cathy Fink, President, Makovsky, offers insights into the challenges of taking on a leadership role at a legacy PR agency. She shares lessons learned and practices from her experiences at a larger public traded company that can have a positive impact in a smaller organization. Cathy also discusses the evolving role of communications and the increased need for transparency.

PR’s Top Pros Talk…Brand Positioning – Laura Duda

Laura Duda, SVP & CCO, Goodyear, shares insights on positioning a brand outside of its traditional vertical. She shares the challenges of integrated messaging following an acquisition and a joint venture with a competitor. Laura also provides her perspective on how polarization and politics can challenge a company’s external communications approach.