PR’s Top Pros Talk – Olga Fleming

 Communities are stronger than ever. Olga encourages communicators to really take the time and understand what their communities are going through to convey  authentic messaging and show empathy.   She also stresses the importance of taking care of your employees first and then informing your customers on how you’re navigating the new environment on the channels that your audiences engage with. When it comes to social justice, staying silent Is no longer an option.…

PR’s Top Pros Talk COVID – Marvin Stockwell

 Marvin reminds us that this is the whole world’s crisis and we all have a role to play. This is a time for brands and non-profits to be flexible and give themselves permission to try new things. He encourages organizations to use television and media to convey how they are being helpful and useful during these challenging times. Marvin also emphasizes the uptick in the interest and demand in science-related stories among the media. Audiences want to hear…

PR’s Top Pros Talk COVID – Gil Bashe

 Transparency + Timeliness = Trust. This equation is crucial for businesses and communicators as they transform due to the accelerated change brought on by COVID. Will these changes be permanent? Gil shares his take for communicators and shares insight into the tidal wave of change within our healthcare system. He also addresses the importance of getting your leadership communicating effectively through the media during these troubled times.

PR’s Top Pros Talk COVID – Tamara Norman

 Employees are your number one stakeholder. Companies need to be empathetic and responsive to their employee needs now more than ever. During these times communicators really need to understand what their audiences care about and what’s important to them. This way communicators can adapt their strategy to reach the audiences effectively. Tamara’s suggestions include leveraging media and TV to go the stakeholders directly, be transparent and show what your response is to the new…

PR’s Top Pros Talk COVID – Michael Kempner

The actions brands take today will have significant impact on how they perform during the next phase of the COVID economy. Those are among the key findings of a consumer study recently published by MWWPR. In his conversation with Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media, Michael shares how brands can show leadership to stakeholders including customers and employees during this challenging time.