PR’s Top Pros Talk… The Nuances of Company Purchase – Rick Gould

 Rick Gould, Managing Partner at Gould+Partners, encourages business owners to run their company as if they’re going to sell it. He shares tips on selling a firm, and how both parties can capture the most value from the transaction. Rick also reveals the factors that buyers are most cognizant of such as the owners market salary, an owner’s ‘understudy’ and more.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… How To Make Sustainability Appealing – Katya Hantel

 Katya Hantel, Senior Director of Sustainability at Conagra Brands, discusses how brands can communicate environmental and social initiatives effectively as ESG becomes a business imperative. She sheds light on how businesses like Conagra can serve as sustainability translators to key stakeholders – such as investors, consumers, and employees – to champion greater development and adoption of sustainability solutions within the food industry. Katya also shares insights on navigating sustainability messaging between a master brand…

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Evolution of Public Relations – Amy Rosenberg

 Amy Rosenberg, Founder & President of Veracity Marketing, emphasizes the importance for brands to adapt with today’s innovations in public relations. She talks about how industry strides in SEO, email marketing and brand messaging affect business communication with their respective audiences. Amy breaks down these concepts further in her book, “A Modern Guide to Public Relations.”

D S Simon Media Announces a Series of Promotions and New Hires

D S Simon Media Announces a Series of Promotions and New Hires New York, NY, June 23, 2021 – D S Simon Media has announced a series of promotions and new hires. Elizabeth Rosenberger has been named Vice President, Client Services, joining the Senior Leadership team. “I am proud of what our team has accomplished within the past year. Not only navigating within a new environment during the pandemic, but exceeding our business goals, and ultimately…