PR’s Top Pros Talk… Tips for Brand Growth in Changing Environments – Alex Slater

 Alex Slater, CEO and Founder of Clyde Group, shares findings on where company leaders stand when it comes to DE&I engagement. He offers guidelines for brands on how to get involved to aid healthy conversation and awareness. Alex also discusses the main principles that Clyde Group follows to be best agency to work with and work for.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… The Modern Purpose of Public Relations – Michelle Olson

 Michelle Olson, Managing Director at Lambert & Co, talks about the changing roles of communicators in public relations. She emphasizes the importance of the means in which PR departments protect and promote companies through research and tactical positioning. She further discusses the growth prospects of the industry as a whole, and how firms can capitalize on it.

PR’s Top Pros Talk…How Brands Can Leverage Streaming Platforms – Dallas Lawrence

 Dallas Lawrence, Head of Communications at Roku Platform Business, dissects the nuances of the streaming world and how communicators can effectively gain leverage in that space. He discusses how the streaming platform has changed advertising, dubbing it a ‘renaissance period’ for ads, with many brands producing more dynamic content to communicate their specific messaging. You can learn more about Roku Advertising here.

D S Simon Media and News Direct Announce a Joint Marketing Initiative

D S Simon Media and News Direct Announce a Joint Marketing Initiative We are pleased to be partnering with News Direct to provide them with a complete multi-media solution with broadcast reach. D S Simon Media has been integrating Digital Asset Direct from News Direct into its core satellite media tour services since News Direct launched. “We’ve found News Direct brings a modern understanding of media and how it is rapidly changing to its offerings,”…