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30 Years of Satellite Media Tours

We are excited to share that D S Simon Media is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of its first satellite media tour. For its first 7+ years, the company produced video news releases and corporate videos. On January 4, 1994 we featured Lou Rawls promoting his “Parade of Stars Telethon” to raise money for the United Negro College Fund. Understandably, the client was nervous about whether this new PR approach would be successful. They asked if they could get a price reduction if we couldn’t get 15 interviews. We agreed and asked if we could get a bonus if we booked more than 25 interviews. They said “No but we can get you a signed autograph from Lou Rawls.”

33 interviews and 30 years later the picture is still on display in our office.

Initially, satellite media tours were primarily used in the entertainment space. Brands took notice and SMTs quickly became an effective tool for brand, product and non-profit communications. Of course, the “hot new thing” doesn’t always stay that way as satellite media tour use had stabilized.

Then came COVID.

That made increased communication imperative for brands and non-profits. Yet it became more difficult to get stories on cable or national news due to the increased political polarization in the country. At the same time, our survey found, 92% of local TV news producers open to interviewing brand spokespeople, the highest ever. Participating in an SMT also got easier for spokespeople. If they could get on a Zoom, their story could be shared with stations across the United States.

Since 2019, the number of satellite media tours we’ve produced has doubled. We expect this trend to continue in 2024 as local TV news has increasingly avoided political coverage in exchange for news that provides value to its viewers.

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