PR’s Top Pros Talk: Whaewon Choi-Wiles

 Whaewon Choi-Wiles, Director of Corporate Communications for Audi of America, defines the “Great Reflection” and explains how it impacted her career change. She lists key questions communicators can ask themselves and their teams that go beyond the surface level. Whaewon also shares her excitement for Audi of America’s future including their sustainability mission.

NextUP – Rachel Butts

Tel: 212.736.2727 NextUP… Rachel Butts Brand Development and Public Relations Lead at Mabel’s Labels Rachel Butts, brand development and public relations lead at Mabel’s Labels, unleashes her creativity to create exciting brand experiences. She emphasizes the power of saying ‘yes’ to new opportunities, and describes how inspiring it is to work at a female-founded company. TRANSCRIPT:   ISIS: I’m Isis Simpson-Mersha, Conference Producer and Reporter at Ragan   LYNSEY: Hi, I’m Lynsey Stanicki, and…

PR’s Top Pros Talk: Lori Jung

 Lori Jung, Co-Founder of Hudson West PR and Marketing, explains that the new pivot for 2023 includes preparing for the unexpected. Lori shares the importance of having open communication with clients by implementing weekly calls and quarterly meetings to determine PR-based tactics. Lori also describes some ways communicators can work smarter with reporters to increase media coverage for their clients.

PR’s Top Pros Talk: Meredith Klein

 Meredith Klein, Director of Public Relations at GNC, explains the key traits of a brand transformation including reflection, connection, and authenticity. She also shares stories about GNC’s history and the brand’s lasting commitment to consumers’ needs. Meredith also explains how she applies the lessons she learned as a Division I athlete to her career.