The First Video: Ty Cobb “White House Counsel McGahn Recused his Office from Mueller Probe”

During “Truth on Trial,” a discussion of Ethics and the Collapse of Institutional trust, host Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media asked Ty Cobb, Former Special Counsel to President Trump, about the division of work and process inside the White House legal office. His answer included the revelation that White House Counsel McGahn recused his office from the Mueller probe.

The Video that Launched Viagra

It was 20 years ago that the FDA approved Viagra. We handled the final production and distribution of the video (our name was D S Simon Productions at the time) that was provided to media so they could air the story. And air it, they did. There were more than 235 million views of the video that showed those little blue pills. This was the video that we send out to the stations:

Build Brand Authenticity By Making Your CEO Accessible

Brand authenticity is an essential part of marketing that simply can’t be overlooked in an era when public trust is at an all-time low in virtually every industry.
While the term “brand authenticity” has been around for decades, there are many reasons why it’s become more than a trendy term, especially among millennials. In its simplest definition, authenticity means honesty. But if you add integrity and transparency into that mix, it’s virtually impossible to oversimplify why millennials and consumers of all ages are demanding it more than ever before.


The PR Industry’s First Awards To Recognize Best Brand, Corporate & Non-Profit Spokespersons With political spokespeople and CEO missteps dominating today’s 24/7 news cycle shouldn’t the best of the best in the corporate and non-profit worlds have an award that recognizes their skills in delivering their organization’s message?Today, The SPOKEies™ were born to do just that.The SPOKEies™ are the first awards program to honor the best spokespeople representing brands, non-profits and corporations.