Allison Clair, Director of Institutional Communications at NYU Langone was Named a PRSA-NY 2018 15 Under 35 Winner

Allison Clair, Director of Institutional Communications at NYU-Langone Medical Center was interviewed by Carolina Osma, Senior Marketing Associate at D S Simon Media. They spoke about Allison’s big career break, advice she offers to people starting out and the best advice she ever received from a mentor or older colleague.

Richard Painter, Minnesota’s Democratic Senate Candidate; Corruption and the Great Partisan Divide

Richard Painter, Former White House Chief Ethics Counsel & S. Walter Richey Professor of Corporate Law at the University of Minnesota  sits down with Doug Simon for a quick preview of the upcoming live-stream “Truth on Trial: Implications for Communicators Ethics and the Collapse of Institutional Trust”. Featuring: Ty Cobb, Former Special Counsel to the President during the Trump administration; Major Garrett, Chief White House Correspondent, CBS News; Richard Painter, former Chief White House Ethics lawyer during the George W. Bush administration; Ambassador Norman Eisen; Richard S. Levick, Chairman & CEO, LEVICK, and others …

Douglas Simon will be interviewing them about how today’s communicators need to navigate story-telling in a world where fake news and biased-information can affect the truth and institutions in the United States. Register for the FREE webcast here.