PR’s Top Pros Talk… The Human Side of Storytelling – Stacey Kumagai

Stacey Kumagai, Communications Specialist at Media Monster Communications, Inc., shares why having open conversations with clients about their successes and failures leads to stronger storytelling. Stacey also explains the impact employee ambassadors have during a campaign. Stacey also talks about how the communications industry will evolve and how to prepare for the unexpected.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Creating Accessible Communications – Virginia Devlin

Virginia Devlin, CEO of Current Global, describes what inspired the Accessible by Design initiative, highlighting data from the “Digital Accessibility: The Necessity of Inclusion” study and sharing tips for communicators to make their content more accessible to people with disabilities. Virginia also discusses her hopes for the future of the industry.

Download the free Accessible Communications Guidelines here.

Download the “Digital Accessibility: The Necessity of Inclusion” study here.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… The Future of Crisis Communications – Dave Fleet

Dave Fleet, Global Head of Digital Crisis at Edelman, shares key findings from the agency’s “2022 Connected Crisis Study”. Dave shares how executives can engage with Gen Z and other key stakeholders when navigating and addressing today’s most pressing issues. Dave also explains how companies of all sizes can plan and prepare for a crisis.

Download the “2022 Connected Crisis Study” here.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Navigating a Career Change

Raoul Bhavnani, Chief Communications Officer at Betterment, shares his experience transitioning from an advisory role to an in-house role. Raoul explains the key factors that made him realize that Betterment was the best fit for his career. Raoul also explains the value of building relationships with junior employees when starting a new role.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Metaverse Events – Nick Borelli

Nick Borelli, Marketing Director for Meetaverse™ by Allseated and Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media, describe the role of video in a Metaverse event and how it increases opportunities for sponsors and presenters. Nick explains how conducting Metaverse events can increase accessibility and community for participants. Nick also shares stories of how attending and building Metaverse events has impacted him personally and professionally.

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