Want to Know Secrets of Success from Award-Winning Spokespeople? Meet Mike Smith from Life Extension

Michael A. Smith, Senior Health Scientist for Life Extension, shares with us the reason why story telling can be more effective than sharing the technical aspects of supplements to the public, and how he incorporated story telling in his communication campaign as a spokesperson. As we get ready for Spokesperson Secrets to Build Your Brand, we are releasing exclusive footage from SPOKEies® University. You’ll see our SPOKEies® honorees sharing their tips and best advice to create authenticity…

Good Marketing, Happy Clients and Baby Cows.

Pushing the boundaries in the “commoooonications” world is our passion. We enjoyed our time working with our client Dairy Max in a Satellite Media Tour and Facebook Live event. Now, Social Media LIVE™ allows us to serve our clients with live streaming on multiple-channels, simultaneously.  If you are a communications professional that loves watching exciting campaigns unravel, as well as watching baby animals being fed, then you are in for a good ride.

New Technology for Social Media

Live video streaming is one of the fastest growing tools for effective communications strategies. Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media reports from the New York Auto Show where improvements in transmission technology are making it possible to go live—feeding multiple social video streams simultaneously—all in full HD broadcast quality video. No need for an expensive satellite truck and costly cable runs. Just  two years after Facebook Live was introduced, viewers consume three times…

The Video that Launched Viagra

It was 20 years ago that the FDA approved Viagra. We handled the final production and distribution of the video (our name was D S Simon Productions at the time) that was provided to media so they could air the story. And air it, they did. There were more than 235 million views of the video that showed those little blue pills. This was the video that we send out to the stations: