PR’s Top Pros Talk… Employee Action Groups – Tracey Cassidy and Jill Feldman

Why should companies invest in employee action groups? Tracey Cassidy, Partner & General Manager of Allison+Partners, New York and Jill Feldman, Partner & Managing Director of Allison+Partners, discuss their journey of growing a successful Women’s Leadership Program. Tracey and Jill also explain how leaders can advance female representation through visibility and conversation.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… The Evolution of Entertainment Publicity – Alison Grand

How has entertainment publicity changed with the rise of streaming? Alison Grand, President of Grand Communications, shares how streaming has given PR pros the opportunity to land even more media coverage. Alison also reflects on the increased demand for diverse and inclusive children’s entertainment.

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PR’s Top Pros Talk… Connecting a Brand Story to the News Stream – Jeanniey Walden

Why should communicators use earned media to get their message across? Jeanniey Walden, Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer at DailyPay, offers insights into how the brand ties its messages into the news stream to add benefit to the story of the day. Jeanniey also discusses how she differentiates her role between short-term and long-term objectives.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Unicorn CEOs – Brendon Craigie

What lessons can PR professionals learn from Unicorn CEOs about communications? Brendon Craigie, CEO, Tyto, discusses the importance of prioritizing authentic storytelling to have complex topics resonate with massive audiences. Brendon also outlines the unique challenges that Unicorn CEOs face such as mitigating workloads for a fast-growing staff and handling high-pressure situations from a young age.

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PR’s Top Pros Talk… Executive Visibility – Janine Savarese

What do communicators need to keep in mind when building an executive visibility strategy? Janine Savarese, CEO of NextTech Communications, shares the importance of building initiatives around topics that leaders are passionate about to avoid purpose washing. Janine also breaks down how to navigate visibility strategies for a CEO of a household brand versus a start-up.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Effective DEI Practices – Maria Rodriguez

How can organizations increase awareness around DEI? Maria Rodriguez, President & CEO, Vanguard Communications, urges employers to abandon the assumption that employees only want to work on projects that align with their identities. She shares the value of having open conversations with staff members about what projects they are passionate about and comfortable working on. Maria also recommends that companies partner with organizations like ColorComm, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and the National Association of Black Journalists in their hiring process.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Successful Onboarding Practices – Tiasha Stevenson

How can new hires set themselves up for success during onboarding? In the second part of the discussion, Tiasha Stevenson, Vice President, Director of Creative and Agency Resourcing, Golin, emphasizes the importance of listening and being intentional about getting to know your team members to develop strong relationships. Tiasha also highlights the need for employers to create business resource groups to help new hires connect with peers with similar experiences.

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PR’s Top Pros Talk… Landing a New Role and Attracting Candidates – Tiasha Stevenson

How can professionals be intentional about their skillset when searching for new career opportunities? Tiasha Stevenson, Vice President, Director of Creative and Agency Resourcing, Golin, shares insights on how to successfully land a new role within your own organization or with a new employer. Tiasha also offers advice for hiring managers to look for candidates who would be a “culture add” rather than a culture fit.

Watch part 2 here.

PR’s Top Pros Talk… Investing in Research – Laura Macdonald

Why should communications firms invest in research? Laura Macdonald, Co-President, Hotwire, emphasizes the need for agencies to ditch the cookie cutter approach with the world changing so rapidly. She shares insights from the agency’s mindset shift from B2B and B2C to “Business-to-Human.” Laura also highlights the importance of having diversity of experience to understand and deliver insights most effectively.