2019’s Paladin Award Honoree – Torod Neptune

Torod Neptune, CCO, Lenovo and 2019 Paladin Award Honoree spoke with Douglas Simon, CEO, D S Simon Media at the Paladin Awards. Key points included steps being taken to improve D&I at their organization, among partners and how individual employees can make a difference. Later that evening, Torod accepted the Paladin Award. Speaking to those in attendance, he explained that he owes the honor to all those in his life who have supported him. He also emphasized the progress made in PR industry on the D&I front, while energizing the crowd to continue to take action and make improvements any ways they can.

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Multi Social Channel Broadcasts

The short clip reel features excerpts from live social video broadcast events for Land O’Lakes, LEGOLAND, a Dairy Industry Trade Group and the American Physical Therapy Association. They were all broadcast on multiple social channels through our proprietary Social Media Live® service. This is a versatile way to leverage the power of influencers and their social channels with live video events.


Land O’ Lakes:


Dairy Max:

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How Harley-Davidson Celebrates An Anniversary

Harley-Davidson is one of the world’s most recognizable motorcycle brands. As Chief Marketing Officer, Heather Malenshek played a key role during their 115th Anniversary Celebrations in 2018. During her interview with Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media, Heather reviewed top takeaways from the anniversary experience and explained some of the decisions Harley-Davidson made.

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Finding Your Organization’s Purpose

Anne Keenan of Purpose is an advocate for companies and brands having a clearly defined purpose that goes beyond profit. Her interview with Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media, took place at the Anniversary Forum. There, she discussed how a brand anniversary is the perfect opportunity for an organization to “lean into their purpose” and display their values to an audience.

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A Unique Way To Celebrate – Projection Mapping

PaintScaping is a 3D Projection Mapping company which has helped countless brands celebrate their anniversary in a unique and engaging way. In his interview with D S Simon Media Account Director Elizabeth Rosenberger, President of PaintScaping Philippe Bergeron reviewed what projection mapping is and how his company pulls off their exciting display of lights.

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Obama’s Rutgers Grad Speech – Advice From The Campaign Leader

Matt Weismantel, the leader of Rutgers’ 250th Anniversary which featured a graduation speech from then-President Barack Obama, shared his thoughts on anniversary campaigns with Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media. Matt is explains the value of structuring your internal team to maximize effectiveness–Rutgers’ had a core group with specialized teams branching off. He also touches upon the decision to make video a key element of the strategy and why that made such a big difference.

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Planning and Executing An Anniversary Campaign

Kevin Bishop is now an Anniversary University® Milestone Master after leading IBM’s Centennial. The multi-layered campaign was an immense success, and in his interview with Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media, Kevin shares his top tips to plan your anniversary. He lays out a roadmap for when and how to strategize, when to focus on content, and how to expertly execute.

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Brand Anniversaries – Where To Start?

As Global Brand Director, Karen Kozak helped Cargill plan and celebrate its 150th Anniversary. The company used the anniversary as an opportunity to emphasize storytelling and engage audiences with their brand’s identity and impact.

One key to success is knowing where to begin with your anniversary campaign. Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media, interviewed Karen and asked what it takes to get a campaign off to a strong start.

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Behind the Scenes: Live Reveal of Great American Rail-Trail

D S Simon Media recently helped Rails-to-Trails Conservancy celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad using new technology to broadcast simultaneous events in multiple locations to create a live social media video feed.


Rails-to-Trails, an organization that develops easily accessible multipurpose public paths created from former railroad corridors, came with a challenge to use live video on social media to celebrate the reveal of the Great American Rail-Trail’s preferred route as part of the anniversary celebration. The event was broadcast live from Washington, DC, Columbus, Ohio, Three Forks, MT and near Mt. Rainer in Washington State.


With new wireless technology, D S Simon Media was able to take in the signals from each location where the control room team created a compelling online experience for their audience. It was part press conference, part public event, with key moments captured from each of the four cities to produce a historic video program where Rails-to-Trails could engage directly with all of their key constituents via the power of social media.


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The Best Celebrity Brand Spokesperson to be Announced

New York, NY – Who’s your favorite brand spokesperson? For the first time in the PR industry, there’s an award for the best celebrity brand spokesperson, part of the 2019 SPOKEies® Awards.


If you are a PR pro or have a strong communications sense, you can nominate your favorite celebrity brand spokespeople—think Neil Patrick Harris, Tina Fey, or Shaquille O’Neal. Additionally, nominations can be submitted for the best individual to become famous through their work with a brand, such as Flo from Progressive, The Sprint Guy Paul, and Jan from Toyota.


Celebrities will join past winners representing brands such as PepsiCo, Allianz Global Assistance, Atlantic Health Systems and The Better Business Bureau among others. This year, awards will also be presented for the best Corporate, Non-Profit, Multicultural and Global Campaign spokespeople covering various industries.


Spokespeople will be judged based on their trust and authenticity, plus their ability to engage the audience and cogently communicate their organization’s messages. Winners will be announced in October, alongside the rest of the SPOKEies® categories.


Celebrity nominations can be emailed to stars@spokeies.com. Submissions should include the spokesperson’s name, the brand they’re associated with, a brief description of why they’re deserving and note if the individual submitting worked on the campaign. For other category submissions, please visit www.spokeies.com.