Implications for Communicators of the Political Climate

Richard Levick, Chairman & CEO, LEVICK, briefly chats with Doug Simon, CEO, D S Simon Media about the current communications climate and how it is deeply affected by current politics at Truth on Trial: Implications for Communicators. Richard discusses how next week’s midterm elections will have a significant effect on the USA and how this impacts how the public perceive brands.

Live Social Video Streaming

How can brands and non-profits make the best use of live social video to grow their organizations? Douglas Simon, CEO, D S Simon Media presented survey findings on live video streaming and spoke with Ben Chodor, President of Digital Media Solutions, West Corporations. The two of them demonstrated live multi-channel video streaming for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Chip Wade’s Innovation Show Home is a Hit with Broadcasters

Interactive virtual video is changing how journalists are able to get video for brands. Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media interviews Chip Wade, Emmy Award Winning Host and Designer from inside the virtual Innovation Show Home. They discussed how the Innovation Show Home is helping brands sell products and services while creating content for journalists and social media.

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An Accessible CEO Makes Brands More Authentic

Key findings from the Brand Authenticity Survey 2018 include:

Making your CEO accessible to the media makes your brand more authentic. 83% of journalists said so, a 10% increase compared to last year.

Choosing an in-house spokesperson is 46% more authentic than a third-party expert for both brands and non-profits.

The survey also found you need to post video for journalists to your social channels. 81 percent of journalists are getting their story ideas from social media and 83 percent are willing to use video you provide them as produced.

Finally, journalists prefer to interview your experts than a third-party spokesperson by a wide margin.

How to Get Your Opinion Piece Published on Vox.

Christopher Shea Senior Editor at Vox, chats with Douglas Simon CEO of D S Simon Media about pitching the media. He reveals tactics like knowing the format of the articles for the outlet you are pitching, word counts, and other important tips that can get your story picked up by Vox. Additionally, he reveals how to set up a good argument in any side of the ideological spectrum and how setting up a strong narrative is what grabs national attention.

Pew Research: How Communicators Should Engage on Social Media.

Aaron Smith, Associate Director of Research taught a class at PR Summit DC and spoke with Douglas Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media, about a recent Pew research study on social media trends. He reveals important information communicators and business owners should keep in mind while creating their social media strategy. For example, people admit to sharing fake information about companies (unintentionally) and turning to social media platforms as a news outlet, despite not trusting where the information comes from. In other words, “communicators need to be involved on (social media) with accurate information so their own voice gets heard over the inaccurate information out there”.