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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


Green Giant Sets Guinness World Record

Green Giant broke a Guinness World Record by cooking the largest ever Green Bean Casserole. It weighed in at a whopping 637 pounds! The dish was comprised of 780 cans of Green Giant Cut Green Beans, 53 cans of cream of mushroom soup, 32 quarts of milk and 65 pounds of French fried onions.

Fun Fact: The casserole was immediately donated to New York City’s Citymeals on Wheels program and helped feed nearly 2,000 elderly residents who were unable to leave their homes.

COMMIT! FORUM – Ron Parker

Doug spoke with Ron Parker, CEO of the Executive Leadership Council, following his presentation on racial disparity among the C-Suite in Fortune 500 companies. He also discusses how the Executive Leadership Council is preparing and developing the next generation of global black leaders.

“What we’re doing is within the ELCs that we have a CEO Academy that is taught by the existing black CEOs with the sole purpose of trying to fulfill the pipeline of talent, knowing that some of these individuals like Ursula and Ken Chenault, and Kent Frazier, as well as Bernard Tyson will be moving on.”

COMMIT! FORUM – Philip Rundle

Doug spoke with Philip Rundle, President of Rolland, about the importance of businesses incorporating sustainability as a way to build profit. Rundle explains how assimilating sustainability into one’s business is a top-down, bottom-up process that starts internally with a common ideology.

“I think it’s all about a common vision and a philosophy between the organizations, and what drives the economic benefits.”

“You’ve got to get everybody on board on this one. It’s top-down, bottom-up. It’s something that you’ve got to weave through the organization.”

COMMIT! FORUM – Aman Singh

Doug spoke with Aman Singh of Futerra, who was the MC for the first day of the Commit! Fourm, about day one and her takeaways from all of the different speakers.

“I think the diversity of the content was really amazing. It’s something you don’t find at a lot of conferences in the space.”

“I’m going to say I’m a believer in this conference now, after the last few years of kind of really struggling with keeping up their reputation as a conference organizer. I think this year they’ve proven that they can turn around with a new team in charge and the right focus on relevance, and what is it that we need to learn.”

COMMIT! Forum – John Friedman

John Friedman, Sustainability Manager at WGL Holdings, spoke with D S Simon Media’s SVP of Client Services, Sarah Katz, about sustainability within the business world.

“I think brands need to look at what it is their business does, not just what it makes. So what’s the impact that what your products or services have on the people who use those products and services? And that will help you find your purpose.”

David Weiss and Heather Harder at PRSA 2017 International

David Weiss spoke with Heather Harder of Prosek Partners on how new professionals and their employers can work together to manage both up and down especially as it pertains to social issues.

“For the employer side, young professionals aren’t taught how to manage up. So you need to foster an environment where they actually learn that skill set, and where you encourage them to be empowered to bring their ideas to you.”

David Weiss and Angee Linsey at PRSA 2017 International

David Weiss spoke with Angee Linsey of Linsey Careers about her session, “Make or Break Your First 90 Days, New Job, New Team, New Boss.” Angee talked about how people prepare for changes to their office environment whether it be a promotion, a new hire or a completely new job altogether.

“You know everybody has been in the position where they’re the new kid on the team, or they get promoted. And how do you handle that when you go from peer to boss? Or when you get a new boss and you don’t know what the new priorities are yet?”

David Weiss and Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer at PRSA 2017 International

David Weiss spoke with Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer, founder of AirPR Software, about his session at the conference called “The New PR: The Science of How It Works.” He focuses on supplementing current PR industry initiatives with science in order to drive optimal results.

“So the real focus is around how, in our industry, it’s been 100% art. And if we can optimize our strategy by combining some science with it, it’s really going to set our teams apart.”

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Global Partnerships with Jim Thompson

Doug Simon, CEO and President of D S Simon Media, sat down and talked with Jim Thompson, Director of Innovation for the Office of Global Partnerships at the US State Department, discussed the purpose of partnerships and the role that they play for the Department of State.

Jim illustrates how a partnership between Coca-Cola and the State Department plays a vital role in achieving goals for both parties:

“We’ve worked with them all over the world, mostly on water. So if you think about Coca-Cola, the primary component of its product is water. And they recognize that there’s water scarcity issues around the world. And they invest in access to clean water, not just for their plants, but for the people in their communities.”

“So Coke is a great partner of ours in helping us give clean water to developing countries, and developed countries, too, all around the world. And water is part of our National Security Strategy. It always has been, and we have worked closely with Coca-Cola on that issue.”