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VLOG of the Month: Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance According to D S Simon Report


David Weiss and Heather Harder at PRSA 2017 International

David Weiss spoke with Heather Harder of Prosek Partners on how new professionals and their employers can work together to manage both up and down especially as it pertains to social issues.

“For the employer side, young professionals aren’t taught how to manage up. So you need to foster an environment where they actually learn that skill set, and where you encourage them to be empowered to bring their ideas to you.”

David Weiss and Angee Linsey at PRSA 2017 International

David Weiss spoke with Angee Linsey of Linsey Careers about her session, “Make or Break Your First 90 Days, New Job, New Team, New Boss.” Angee talked about how people prepare for changes to their office environment whether it be a promotion, a new hire or a completely new job altogether.

“You know everybody has been in the position where they’re the new kid on the team, or they get promoted. And how do you handle that when you go from peer to boss? Or when you get a new boss and you don’t know what the new priorities are yet?”

David Weiss and Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer at PRSA 2017 International

David Weiss spoke with Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer, founder of AirPR Software, about his session at the conference called “The New PR: The Science of How It Works.” He focuses on supplementing current PR industry initiatives with science in order to drive optimal results.

“So the real focus is around how, in our industry, it’s been 100% art. And if we can optimize our strategy by combining some science with it, it’s really going to set our teams apart.”

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Global Partnerships with Jim Thompson

Doug Simon, CEO and President of D S Simon Media, sat down and talked with Jim Thompson, Director of Innovation for the Office of Global Partnerships at the US State Department, discussed the purpose of partnerships and the role that they play for the Department of State.

Jim illustrates how a partnership between Coca-Cola and the State Department plays a vital role in achieving goals for both parties:

“We’ve worked with them all over the world, mostly on water. So if you think about Coca-Cola, the primary component of its product is water. And they recognize that there’s water scarcity issues around the world. And they invest in access to clean water, not just for their plants, but for the people in their communities.”

“So Coke is a great partner of ours in helping us give clean water to developing countries, and developed countries, too, all around the world. And water is part of our National Security Strategy. It always has been, and we have worked closely with Coca-Cola on that issue.”

Brands Taking Stands with John Friedman

Doug Simon, CEO and President of D S Simon Media, sat down and talked with John Friedman, Sustainability Manager at WGL Holdings, about some of the driving forces behind brands taking a stand on various issues.

“You can’t turn on a television, radio, read a newspaper, or get on the internet, without hearing a discussion right now today about brands taking stands. When they do it, how they do it, why they do it, and should they do it.”

“What you’re seeing is that public attitudes have not wavered– In fact, they’ve strengthened in the last few months– in terms of wanting companies, in particular, to step up and fill the void and address social issues and environmental issues as part of their business every day.”

SAM 2018 Sales and Marketing Strategies

D S Simon Media CEO Doug Simon recently offered his insights to an article and video for Inc.com. Contributing author, Bill Carmody, CEO of Trepoint reached out to Doug and other CEOs to contribute their sales and marketing strategies for the piece.

After an overwhelming response, he invited the New York area leaders to a roundtable discussion on best practices and tips for growth, which Senior Vice President, Sarah Katz attended. We captured the discussion and tips from Peter Blau of Customer Growth, Brian Schultz of We’re Magnetic and Marty Avallone of Working Media Group among others.



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How to Manage an Online Brand with Mark SooHoo of Burson-Marsteller

Mark SooHoo, Managing Director of Digital Health at Burson-Marsteller spoke with Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media at the “How to Manage an Online Brand and Reputation” panel hosted by PRSA NY and gave his take on how to manage an online brand. Both Mark and Doug were panelists at the event. Mark touches on the need for analytics and tailoring your message for the appropriate audiences. Watch below.

Mark’s VlogViews: 

“It has to do with real deep listening and real analytics on what are people searching for? What are people talking about online? How am I mining that information to appropriately tailor the stories that your audiences want to hear?”

” One of the things that we focus a lot with our clients on is moving from KPIs like tweets and likes and retweets and things like that, moving more toward how am I truly achieving business objectives?”

How to Manage an Online Brand with Megan Harris of SYZYGY

Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media spoke with Megan Harris, Managing Director of SYZYGY and fellow panelist for the “How to Manage an Online Brand and Reputation” PRSA NY event about managing an online brand and reputation. Megan discusses the importance of brand continuity online and personalized messaging to targeted audiences. Watch below.

Megan’s VlogViews: 

“You need to really make sure that you have brand continuity in every shape and every form and every kind of message that can be distributed through various channels and different pieces of content that take different formats.”

“A great thing that we do in digital marketing and technology and that does the heavy lifting for us that technology does is personalized messaging. Now with real-time bidding with paid media, even paid social, you can serve different messages to different audience segments that are very relevant and useful.”