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VLOG of the Month: PR must lead on new FTC native advertising, sponsored content guidelines



How Integrating Newsworthy Video Into Your Social Channels Can Drive Media Coverage

Integrating newsworthy video content into your social media channels and distributing it can increase the quantity and quality of the media coverage you receive. That was among the key finding of our Influencers Report 2016. The report was developed from a survey of nearly 200 online journalists.

Among the key findings:

93% of television producers rely on networking sites to find leads on content
92% of online journalists at newspaper sites do
Facebook is used by 93% and Twitter by 92%. You tube isn’t far behind at 59%

Is your online content driving the media coverage you want? Do you need a content audit to determine its “MediAbility?” Are you utilizing Custom Content Media Packages to target content to specific journalists and online media outlets?

The survey also found that 59% of online media have taken stories pitched to them via social networking sites.

You can download a copy of the survey at D S

Media Takes “Hands Off” Approach to FTC Native Advertising Compliance

Media outlets and digital ad networks selling native advertising are overwhelmingly putting the responsibility on brands to comply with the new FTC Guidelines. Only one in five media outlets have changed their policies since the new Federal Trade Commission’s Transparency Guidelines targeting native advertising went into effect last year. This according to the D S Simon Media Influencers Report 2016. The report outlines findings from a survey of influencers from broadcast news and radio, bloggers, website producers, magazines and newspapers. 81% of respondents in the survey said that they have not changed their policies since the new FTC rules went into effect. As an example, Buzzfeed has made its disclosure more prominent while Outbrain has not made visible changes.

“While media outlets and ad networks could make FTC Compliance automatic, they’ve chosen not to do so,” says Doug Simon, CEO and Owner of D S Simon Media. “Brands need to take it upon themselves to do so or put their organizations at risk.”

The good news for brands is the survey identified significant interest by media in using or sharing their video content at no charge. They were more likely to use, share or link to video if it was from a brand than if it was from a non-profit or individual.

“Journalists choosing to cover your story online based on the strength is a far more powerful communications tool than advertising – especially in this regulatory environment,” says Simon. “It demonstrates the power of Custom Content Media Packages™.”

The report found proper disclosure by brands is good practice – increasing chances your content would be considered 76%.

Custom Content Media Packages™ Help Achieve PR and Marketing Goals

Achieving your public relations and marketing goals is increasingly dependent on your ability to earn media. While it seems like it’s harder than ever to do, there are more opportunities than ever before.

That’s where Custom Content Media Packages™ come in. The idea is to use narrative storytelling concepts and create custom video for specific broadcast and online journalists who are pre-pitched and want the content you will be sharing with them. There is great demand for this content—especially online.

Our D S Simon Media Influencer Report 2016 found 71% of online media outlets use outside video content and 80% will either post, air or share your entire video. Even more interesting, 79% of them want content from brands and 76% want it from non-profits.

Custom Content Media Packages are efficient to create and can be highly targeted to reach a specific media market or consumer ready to make a buying decision. These packages are scalable and can reach a nationwide audience in the millions. It’s a great tool to maximize exposure from trades shows and conferences. The video that is created also feeds your social media eco-system driving more media coverage.

How to Maximize Your Guinness World Records Title Attempt

As social media grows and evolves, the sharing of high-quality video has been more important than ever for these organizations. And increasingly, capturing the stories and accomplishments created from record-breaking and sharing them through video has proven entertaining, shareable, and popular with consumers all while generating greater brand awareness.

How can your brand or organization maximize a GWR title attempt?

  • Capture video of all stages of the attempt
  • Create Social Media Ready Content
  • Engage Employees and Customers
  • Craft a Highly Visual Record Attempt
  • Incorporate Current Event Tie-Ins
  • Use the GWR logo

Will Donald Trump’s PR Advantages Pave the Way for Him to the White House?

Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Media, offer insights into Donald Trump’s public relations advantages and how they might propel him to the presidency.


Will these key PR advantages give Trump the ultimate edge of Hillary Clinton?

Message: Make America Great Again is much clearer than the message Hillary Clinton is putting out to the voting public.

Status quo vs Change: If this is a stay the course election the advantage would go to Hillary. Clearly, this seems to be about a change election. Advantage, Trump.

Clinching first: Trump will have fewer attacks within him own party to content with short term.

Economic Populism: Trump’s message is out-flanking Hillary’s message from the left. She has to him from the left of her and from the right of her.

Underdog status: The media completely missed that he had a chance of securing the Republican nomination. If Hillary’s team is smart they will build him up as the favorite and shine an even brighter spotlight on his past statements.

D S Simon Media and Talkwalker Team Up to Tackle Earned Media In New Survey

D S Simon Media and Talkwalker are releasing a new joint survey that will provide valuable insight on how public relations and communications teams are earning media and the analytics that they are using to measure results.  Todd Grossman, CEO of the Americas at Talkwalker and D S Simon Media CEO and President, Doug Simon sit-down to discuss potential challenges of earning media and how earned media can increase your ROI.

If you would like to take the survey just click here: Brand Video Survey


“It’s becoming even more challenging to actually earn your media, to create a good enough story. I think organizations have recognized how powerful a tool it is so there more effort to get those limited spaces, limited outlets that are credible.” – Doug Simon

How using analytics can create an effective earned media strategy.

D S Simon Media and Talkwalker are releasing a new joint survey that will provide valuable insight on how public relations and communications teams are earning media and the analytics that they are using to measure results. In the second part of the video series, Todd Grossman, CEO of the Americas at Talkwalker and D S Simon Media CEO and President, Doug Simon discuss the role of analytics in creating an effective earned media strategy.

If you would like to take the survey just click here: Brand Video Survey


“There’s so much data out there right now that you really have to use an advanced analytics platform to be able to see where your content has been picked up, where you’re getting earned media, and where things are going viral.” – Todd Grossman

“What you’re able to do now is look at the virality of messaging so if something started in earned media, it’s going to other places online through earned media.” – Todd Grossman

Is Your Campaign Cutting Through the Election Clutter?

Doug Simon, President & CEO, of D S Simon Media offers insights on how public relations pros can cut through the election coverage clutter to get more broadcast coverage for their campaigns.

Doug’s VlogViews:

How can you make your public relations campaign cut through the election clutter?  I have some PR Xanax for you.

“You are right to be nervous if the target audience for your campaign are national news outlets like CNN, FOX News, or MSNBC. They are wall to wall politics and election coverage because it is driving ratings.”

“Where can you go to reach your audience through broadcast television? Answer, local television.”

“This year in Chicago there is 14 more hours of local TV news than there was last year. It is a growing profit center for stations. These stations know they can not compete with the big three cable outlets in covering the presidential race.”

“You should stay away the week of a primary in a specific state, other than that it is open opportunity for media coverage.”

The Art of Selecting the Right Spokesperson

Picking the right spokesperson can make or break your campaign. The news cycle is fast and you need to know where your target audience is consuming content. Picking the right spokesperson can help you leverage the news cycle and extend your campaign on social media; if you know what to consider when you make your spokesperson selection. Mike Bako, Marketing Director at D S Simon Media with Part Two of the Art of Selecting the Right Spokesperson.

If you missed Part One of the Art of Selecting the Right Spokesperson you can click here to view the video: VIDEO

Top 5 Pitching Mistakes Producers Hate

Producers hate when media relations and public relations pros waste their time with bad pitches. What are some of the biggest gripes producers have? D S Simon’s Kristina Doytchinova  should know. As a former producer at ABC News with 20/20 and internationally in Toronto with CBC she has been on the receiving end of far too many bad pitches.

Kristina Doytchinova of D S Simon Media takes you into the mind of a producer to let you know what are the Top 5 Pitching Mistakes Producers Hate.

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